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If you are building a serious 5. About 9% of these are spoilers. The new drag cowl has an optional ram air induction kit available to duct air directly into the engine cowl for extra power. Aluminum construction has the great advantage of years of reliable data on fatigue and stress. . To insure proper air flow for chute deployment, the wing is fabricated with three NACA ducts. 060” thick aluminum, the wing, spill plates and wicker bill are laser cut to ensure a quality fit while four wing struts provide a sturdy construction. Holes are 3/8" diameter, 5-3/4" center to center, 4-1/2" vertical centers between cage mount holes. All in The Mas-Fab drag wing is constructed of a high quality 5052 aluminum all precision laser cut. Since the wing geometry and its features are influencing all other aircraft components, we begin the detail design process by wing design. the type of leading edge flap which is not adjustable and creates drag at high airspeeds of the wing is increased makes it more suitable than aluminum alloy A one quarter scale model of the wing was designed and constructed for tests in the wing tunnel at the California Institute of Technology. I am going to use . Mustang. The forward wing box is a conventional design of aluminum ribs, aluminum tubes and tubular struts. Included for support are 2-7” aluminum support rods machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, using high quality, fine threaded rod ends allowing for full adjust ability, silver in color. Airplane wing, normal position, 0. Spectre offers various fabricated aluminum rear wings and front spoilers for your Chevy Camaro, Chevy Nova, Chevy Chevelle and Ford Mustang. An air launched, air-to-surface missile which has extended range and reduced radar cross section for low observability is disclosed. (c)2018, Shawn Crose. Piper Type Wing Strut Attach Fitting. Going to need a new one that is not rusted through for next year. The front wing makes some downforce and lots of drag. Add to Cart. The drag coefficient of a lifting airfoil or hydrofoil also includes the effects of lift-induced drag. On any given wing design, mountingthe wing at a lower angle of attack (flatter) has less drag, but Specializing in custom GT wing and drag wing kits, spoilers, aero, and body parts for automotive community. Lifetime warranty and tested by team MMR beyond 3000hp and 10,000 rpm . This will not only serve to aid in rear downforce but is also designed to improve your 240's aerodynamics. Re-designed in 2016 for the speeds today's cars can reach. CSI Automotive Sales, Service & Parts. Looking for the right Aluminum Wing today? Find your next Aluminum Wing and other auto parts and accessories for sale on Ebay today. a spoiler is for downforce which eventually leads you to the suspension. $30. 99. $200.   The supports are made with 1/4 steel or 6061 T6 aluminum rod, very sturdy. Purchase Aluminum Wing and save! New and Used Automotive Parts and Accessories On Sale. 00 plus calculated shipping this wing comes with or without bowties in side plates or on wing at no cost to you and the side plates are rolled to match the body lines of your car and are fully removable in minutes and fully adjustable. 85% drag 3d cad designed, cnc cut, & cnc formed from 16 ga. 3/26/2015. How a Wing Works Click Here for The 93-02 Deck Filler Panel is constructed of . (05-09-2014) HAWK POINT, MO – Tim McAmis Performance Parts (TMPP), a division of Tim McAmis Race Cars, Inc. 2 Coyote Powered engine, these parts are critical to replace the weak factory powdered metal components that are common to fail and destroy your engine. Made in USA R35 GTR RF Aluminum Drag wing kit . Chrome plated rear heavy duty nylon rims with aluminum bead-locks and steel 24mm hex inserts. rj speed -nitro funny car - nitro kit features: our nitro kits include the complete chassis, o-ring fronts and 1. Made out of high quality Hardcore Polymetal material, this will stand up to the UV rays and take a beating. It must be riveted on. Part# 06-030 Mounts wing 6" to 8" above roll cage. Shop A one piece tailbase and decklid for 911 and C2. com. All are built for a specific year, make and model of car or truck. Recent Products. Each wing is hand cut and shaped. , Arlington, WA, 98223 and William H. It's all together, now. street and racing Bodywork, Metal and Fabrication, Drag Racing for sale today on RacingJunk Classifieds Universal GTC-200 Drag Style Adjustable Rear Wing by APR Performance®. We all know that air has mass and that it will take a force (energy) to change the direction of any mass in motion (Newton). The primary function of the wing is to generate sufficient lift force or simply lift (L). Custom Form Pro Stock Wings JBRC2012R Product Description: Our Custom Pro Stock Wing Kit is the same wing used on cars manufactured at the JBRC chassis shop. 302-360. 00 Length Universal. 0 out of 5 by 2. However, the wing has two other productions, namely drag force or drag (D) and nose-down pitching moment (M). $300. The low drag force produced by this wing is perfect for the ZN6/ZC6 chassis due to the limited horsepower the FA20 produces in stock form. This wing can be made for NHRA or IHRA cars. Aerodynamically designed  Buy URAS DRAG-WING COMMON TYPE Made of aluminum 400x1300: Body - Amazon. This carbon wing kit from RJ Race Cars / Quartermax is universal and can be trimmed to fit your application. Shop Now. Airflow is a tricky thing for drag racers to deal with. A – Front Plate $200. 302-310. Jockos Sprint Parts offers a complete selection of new Sprint Car Tie Rods and Drag Links. Using the right kind of rear wing and/or front spoiler not only can help aerodynamics and handling on the track, but can also add a great customized look to your vehicle. VII Top Wing Center Section . Product will be received exactly as same as in picture. Powdercoated in a signature “chrome” finish. Again with the Dremel tool I have roughly cut off most of the material not needed. What that means to you is that YOU HAVE OPTIONS!! Sometimes people don't want to follow the normal protocol. C. From wings to bearings and everything in between we have you covered. Many wings can be adjusted for rake (vertical angle) so that the amount of downforce (and corresponding drag) can be fine-tuned for a specific application. which provides customers with the same parts and components used on their championship and award winning race cars, has introduced a new line of pre-fit, professional wing kits for the ‘67-69 Camaro and ‘66-72 Nova. Chassis Engineering is a full fabrication shop. Choose from the 1,000 square inch monster rear wings of Top Alcohol Dragster, the 350 square inch baby rear wings of Competition Eliminator, or the 450 square inch, per side, monster canards of Nostalgia Top Fuel. A wide variety of aluminum racing wing options are available to you, such as carbon fiber, metal, and synthetic leather. The brackets shown are made from 1 1/4" x 1/8" 6063 T52 aluminum C-channel (1" ID) and are attached to the wing TE and LE spars with 3/16" x 1/4" grip aluminum pop rivets. The aluminium fuel tank is integrated into the tub chassis, inside the hollow . The D817T 1/8 scale nitro truggy from HB Racing features Race DNA from the IFMAR World Champion D817 buggy. No other wing on the market Aluminum extrusions can be super light. 040" • Large selection of racing colors • Colors are for illustration purposes only; actual colors may vary • Call for additional color options The one I made is just a little taller, mounts better, made of aluminum, and best yet, adjustable. DRAG Illustrated. It is extruded 6061 Aluminum wing strut and it already comes Clear Anodized. meaning that unlike the usual rods under the wing, we can design plate/brackets. The wing tip assembly is of aluminum alloy construction. it is best done on a sewing machine, using a double stitched seam. A six foot chord and a 30 foot span provides for lift at 24 mph (14 with flaps down) and low drag co-efficient at the maximum level flight speed of 64 MPH. Customer Testimonials. The skins are attached by solid or avex rivets to the spar and ribs. Universal Rear Spoiler Kit. This is a device that allows the line to unreel without any tension. 030 lexan and is shipped with removable paint mask. Features. there will be filler needed on the fiberglass wing, and the aluminum might be made a bit Brand new in original packaging. You may also like Scott Rod Fabrications Custom Aluminum Panels for Fox Body 79-93 Mustang The SRF custom fit panels are made on an actual car to ensure exact measurements and a great fit. You should trammel the wing if most or all of your drag / anti-drag wires are loose. Constructed of . The characteristic frontal area - A - depends on the body. These kits come in aluminum or steel and can be cut to fit most any chassis or subframe. 99  1 Dec 2014 Illustration for article titled Wings/Spoilers: Youre probably doing it wrong. I was making two sets of wings and ended up with 4-5 wing section for each side. Details about MOROSO 78740 Rear Wing Drag-Style Aluminum Adjustable 57. Description. Many struts and their attach fittings have fairings to reduce drag. The same is true of the tail surfaces. The kit comes complete with Dzus buttons, tabs, springs and rivets. 00 Team Z Motorsports Aluminum Drag Wings How about some wing tech? when exactly is one needed? what are the "symptoms" of needing a wing? my car seems ok at 157 mph We offer the best selection of functional and clean looking rear wings and deck lid spoilers for your Ford Mustang right here on Steeda. Material: Carbon Fiber. . My bed is rusted through pretty good up front. rodynamic drag, weight, and engine efy. Fabricated wing by Innovative Racecraft for 1995-05 S10. Tin Kits - Sheet Metal. 48 pitch crown gears used in Parma Edge RTR cars and often used in other drag applications can be found in the crown gears Lightweight Titanium Carbon and Aluminum Components; Top Quality Drag Racing Parts. I am going to use threaded hex tubes to make the The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination Free 2-day shipping. 00. 063-inch thick aluminum. An incredible 15:1 Drag to lift ratio! Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced freeride. Changing the wing incidence simply adds or subtracts lift and thus allows zeroing the elevators. started to mail order parts in 2001 with our Mustang wings. Also includes aluminum shims, spacers, aileron gaps, leading and trailing edges, drag wires, wing and jury strut fittings, spar attach fittings, fiberglass wingtips, misc. 54 Tooth aluminum drag crown gear - S23154 - Crown gears 64 Pitch - Sonic aluminum drag crown gear By producing a precision crown gear, Sonic brings true high-performance to inline drag slot car racing. Previous Ad Next Ad · Classifieds · Bodywork, Metal and Fabrication · Drag Racing  Later versions were constructed from aluminum with structural aluminum skins that were The slenderness of a wing is expressed as the aspect ratio, which is induced drag) can account for a significant portion of the total drag on a glider. This strip caused a drag increment of approximately 0. Add to Wishlist; Rear Wing aluminum end plates . Additionally, McAmis provides tips on how each can be used to tune a race car. Our Price: $25. Installation Type: Bolt-On. The wing won't hold any fuel - the 30 pounds of fuel is located at the center of gravity. This kit also includes a bolt-in wicker bill that can be cut to your desired height. The Mas-Fab drag wing is constructed of a high quality 5052 aluminum all precision laser cut. pro import aluminum drag wings. MASTER CYLINDER MANUAL KIT W LINE LOCK 79-93/ 94-04 And whether aluminum rear wing is free samples, or paid samples. How a Wing Works Click Here for more information 1980- 1993 Mustang 10" Coupe Wing - Strutless Quick View  41 products For the Best selection of Wings and Related Hardware look no further than Click Image For More Details, Aluminum Female Supt Rod JB1128. While steel was used for a few aircraft in Germany in the 1930s, the metal of choice was, and still is, aluminum. Because the wing tip shape influences the size and drag of the wingtip vortices, tip design has produced a diversity of shapes, including: Universal GTC-200 Drag Style Adjustable Rear Wing by APR Performance®. Start studying AVS 1220- Aircraft Structures & Aircraft Flight Controls. One of the misconceptions about a rear wing for drag racing is that it provides more downforce to keep the tires planted on the track, but that’s not the case until the car is well into the single-digit range of elapsed times. 78740 - Moroso Aluminum Spoiler Kit is rated 4. A cost/benefit analysis based on the 0. any specific angle; we can also do strut-less mounts. Many of the mid-90's style aluminum crush (nose) boxes can be repaired of minor damages with the use of aircraft industry materials. Patterson, Jr. Stainless Drag Wire 30" $22. 050" thick aluminum and comes complete with a removable wickerbill, spill plates, and all hardware. Bolts up to factory holes if you have a factory wing for the 2016-18 Camaro. 060 aluminum and designed to work with the factory Z28 Deck-Lid After building many class dominating pro cars, other racers starting asking for many of the unique parts we were building on our "in house" race cars. 3S 11. The spoiler becomes more effective as speed increases, adding much needed downforce and traction to rear tires. 50. Megan Racing MR-AS-GT56BL Aluminum Spoiler (56W 12T) The top two screws on the side fins are adjustable to turn the top deck of the wing into a drag wing. Because the wing must catch an undisturbed flow of air, most wings are mounted on raised pedestals. Anti-reverse Using this wing gives you extra downforce to keep the tires to the ground and also helps move the air off and away from the car at high speeds that would normally cause more drag. Fibre-Glas Concepts designed roadster bodies with the features that drag racers and pro streeters alike need, such as flanges throughout the components to allow easy assembling and Dzusing of fenders, deck lids, hoods, etc. Where the two uprights come up to connect with the wing, there's also a support for the gurney flap. Max 15:1 down-force to drag ratio. I then measured out each piece and chopped them off on the band saw. Ron Lummus Racing (RLR) VW Beetle Drag Wing Kit (Rear Spoiler) is the standard by which all rear wings are measured! All parts are CNC laser cut and bent on a CNC brake from 16ga 5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet. Rated 3 out of 5 by mitchiemitch from wing nice, good looking BUT with all the assembly needed and how thin and flimsy it is, is not worth the price it cost This is the same wing kit we put on all Pro Stock cars built at RJ Race Cars. Any reason that a NASCAR style spoiler is any better than a drag race  PONTIAC G8 DRAG SPOILER. Skip navigation Sign in. They make the line spool turn backward when under pressure. With the boat level and the rails level in the boat, these plate have a 1 degree angel on them, as you can see in the pic. com is the place where you can find all the Junior dragster parts you need and anything Jr Dragster related. Order at the bottom of the page. They are unpolished. N. Designers still try to optimize the performance of their aircraft. 6mm in thickness, comes with side and center winglets already installed. The force it makes is primarily flat plate, not aerodynamic. Here is image from Please Show Me Your Spoiler Replacment For The Factory Wing, posted by Dietmar Miller, on October 27, 2018, image size: 836kB, width: 2288, height: 1712, Mustang Hoods, 2015 Mustang Wing, Mustang Cobra, Mustang Spoilers and Wings, Apr Wing Mustang, Mustang Cobra GT500, Citation Mustang Wing, Mustang Wing Rice, Aluminum Drag Car Wings, Mustang Rear, Wing Boss 302 Mustang Wing Car; Controllers. Select Delta Wing: The delta wing advances the swept wing concept, pulling the wings even further back and creating even less drag; Used on Supersonic Aircraft (aircraft that fly faster than the speed of sound) The downside to this however is that the aircraft has to fly extremely fast for this wing to be effective. VII wings are simple affairs that look familiar to those with background in the ultralight and very light aircraft community. Comes with everything you need to install, comes with a raw aluminum finish that can be painted or powdercoated. Please specify make and model of car. 29 Jul 2014 One of the misconceptions about a rear wing for drag racing is that it provides The spoilers are built from . The black tape is for clamping. Wings of all kinds made here, from the smallest front canard wing. 3d cad designed; Aluminum/steel mounting brackets The Drag Style wing utilizes a low profile design which enables it to maintain a high level of drag reduction. We don't just stock the best priced race trailers, but we can custom build any race trailer to fit any racers needs. The next time you visit an airport, or go to an air show, notice the many different shapes of the wing tips on various aircraft. How to Build Race Car Rear Wing Moldless Fiberglass Foam Core Composite Construction - Duration Country of Manufacture (United States) Review Style Race Drag Vintage Blem Wing Nostalgia Dragster Altered Rear . All GT Series wings feature an all-new, low-drag, aerodynamic 2D designed airfoil shape. Spoiler/Wing:: FCS Race Aluminum Drag Wing w/ Spill Plates. Van Diemen, wings, race cars, street cars wings, road racing overstock wings, airfoils, Aerodynamic Cleanup. Alibaba. They are wrapped with high quality carbon fiber wrap and they are wrapped on both sides completely. The primary bending loads of the wing are carried by the single main spar. 00 Fortunately for Mr. Carbon Fiber versions are delivered with an opaque surface coat on the base and a clear carbon top wing. Made from aluminum alloy and they take the load of the skins to the spar. Aerodynamically designed streamlined side panels with complementing & matching drip rail contours. com! If you want to add down force at the race track or aerodynamic style on the street, we have your American made muscle car covered. Part # Part Description. 063 aluminum – materials and wing made in USA BACKYARD FLYER NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION Watch as I connect the spars with bracing. Mason3 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 24061 A wind tunnel test was carried out on an aspect ratio 6 wing equipped with Gurney flaps Drag Racing Parts . C machined aluminum, painted in black already. 00 ea. In fact, an aggressive airfoil adds a substantial amount of drag,  Universal Aluminum Single Rear GT Wing Spoiler BGW Drift JDM Drift Tune Factory. Racecraft Inc. it allows us to design a custom drag wing per your specifications. – made of 5000 series . Price. Front and rear tubular spars are joined with tubular compression struts which are braced with drag-antidrag cables. With Ron Lummus Racing's Aluminum Drag Wing / Rear Spoiler, your Volkswagen can have that “Go Fast” look that has made so many RLR-built cars famous. Aerodynamic drag reduction is just a way of changing the direction of localized air flows without disrupting the main air flow around the aircraft. 062 thick aluminum for the base panel that The drag coefficient is a function of several parameters like shape of the body, Reynolds Number for the flow, Froude number, Mach Number and Roughness of the Surface. This is the same wing kit we put on all Pro Stock cars built at RJ Race Cars. This site is intended as a free service for Racers to gain knowledge, enjoy the sport of Drag Racing and make friends. 00 Call to order. I decided on 52 deg because it will be a good combination for good amount of down force. 1V 4000MAH 110C 220C BURST LIPO DRAG RACING PACK. * XR-2001 Drag Racer. The detailed shape of the wing tip has a large effect on wing performance. For reased or wing-lets can be added to reduce induced drag, or drag due to lift. JDS Aluminum Roadstar style Drag Racing front wheels Shop the best Drag Specialties 2015 Honda Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM GL1800HPNM Handlebars & Controls for your motorcycle at J&P Cycles. This Streamline Wing Strut is specifically molded for Ultralight Aircraft. The Mas-Fab EVO drag wing is constructed of a high quality 5052 aluminum all precision laser cut. It's been in operation since 2003 and is owned and operated by Beyond Engineering. The "2D" design allows the wing to maintain a consistent level of downforce across its entire span. 00 + Shipping The aluminum rod is one piece and extends from the third rib of the left wing through the cabin to the third rib of the right wing. The D. S. Comes complete with an over sized spill plate that can be trimmed to fit your application. just curious as to when it would be necessary and not just a visual thing. Be warned: it's very ugly as it sits. 05. These Aluminum plates are 3/8 thick & Already drilled out for a BBC 25 1/2 inch wide. Universal spoilers fit many different makes and models of cars and some trucks. Don’t look like the rest. The wings of airliners are typically swept in planform to reduce the transonic drag. - Molded Lexan Windows - Wing, Hood Scoop, Blower, Blower opening plug, Aluminum Header Tubes and Resin Headers for a variety of customizing options. They are not model specific. The AOA Sport is lightweight and easy to install. The ribs are a truss (riveted) design. Stainless Drag Wire 36" $22. I wasn't sure where to post this, but after thinking about it. Home of the World’s Fastest VWs… Full Line Of Hot VW High Performance Parts Check Out Our Product Categories Wheels 1 Product Transmission 1 Product Suspension Safety Equipment 14 Products Roll Cage 2 Products Pan Fabrication 8 Products Interior 5 Products Fuel System 10 Products Engine 1 Product Electrical 1 Product Chassis 4 Products Brakes … CAMARO WINGS. With a height of 5", the GTC-200 Drag wing is designed for cars with low profile roof lines or for those looking I am selling a SOS aluminum drag wing fits foxbody hatch. 00 RPM Trailer Sales is home of the highest quality Race Trailers and Custom Aluminum Race Trailers in today's market. For the Best selection of Wings and Related Hardware look no further than Jerry Bickel Race Cars. 2302(C) Our hydrofoil further improves that catamaran concept and acts like an airplane wing securely welded between the hulls, providing several inches of lift to the entire boat on plane. At $200. 025 2024 T4 Home Aircraft Parts Aircraft Kits Wing Kits Parts Looking to get an edge on the competition? Allstar performance has everything you need to do just that! Come on in and checkout all of our great products. Non zeroed elevators often create disparities between power on and power off trim. 58. wing-kits. This is sewed like a bag to the shape of the wing. anywhere from 12" up to 36" long and what ever width you like. MINI DRAG ADJUSTABLE WING The Mini Drag Wing is an excellent choice for compact sports cars seeking enough downforce to reduce lift at high speeds. The aluminum piece is the deck filler panel (PN# 400118) that's recommended we use with the strutless spoiler. 063 aluminum ed Quay Aluminum "exact fit" Rear Spoilers are manufactured to fit your vehicle without alteration. With a height of 5", the GTC-200 Drag wing is designed for cars with low profile roof lines or for those looking Aluminum vs Composite Construction. About Dragstuff. 1. New Aluminum Motor Plates A. of the airplane ar ffect re wing span, exposed surface arrodynamic shapes, and numerous ro-dynamic drag can still be improved. 284. Aluminum plates bolt to brackets welded on roll cage. 040" airplane grade aluminum. Objects drag coefficients are mostly results of experiments. We specialize in making the strongest most consistent strutless aluminum wings on the market today. All PCI wing mounts use high quality materials and hardware and are specifically designed for each vehicle to locate the best possible mounting points for maximum stiffness and performance. Sign up Our new flat D-shaped aluminum steering wheel includes grips. All mounting hardware included. 00" Length Universal. Stainless Drag Wing / Drag Spoiler RLR Aluminum Drag Wing Price: $300 - $650: Now your VW can have the “go fast look” that made so many RLR cars famous. Jerry Bickel Race Cars gives Racers the technology to win! With RLR’s Drag Wing / Rear Spoiler your Volkswagen can have that “Go Fast” look that has made so many RLR built cars famous. If the wings are already built and therefor you can't lay the spars next to one another, you can use a square to draw a line dead center from the compression member mounting bolts, to the top spar cap. last updated Sept 21, 2019. SAME AS picture below, however not actual car/wing. These are not just cut out pieces of aluminum to throw onto your race car, but carefully manufactured, precision cut products that are as equally at home in your show car. ProMod. For 2020, the Naish modular fuselage system has been completely redesigned - a new external geometry reduces weight and hydrodynamic drag, and a new simplified rear wing connection makes assembly a breeze. Add a Fox Body spoiler or rear wing to make your 1979-1993 Mustang stand out from the crowd at the next Mustang car show! Quality Aluminum Construction. Made from. The wing metals kit calls for 6-foot-long pieces, but I would order them a couple inches longer. Cavanaugh1 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 24061 Paul Robertson2 Aeronautical Testing Service, Inc. No, assuming the wing geometry and the coefficient of friction of the material on the surface of the wing do not change. Nine louver grill (for Turbo applications) with an aluminum screen. 72 Vega Coupe Shop the industry's largest selection of Wings & Spoilers at Jegs. Application. 00 + Shipping. Offering a huge selection of racing gear, everything from drag racing wings to spoilers, everything you could possibly need to improve the aerodynamic and aesthetic capabilities of your racing vehicle. Curved wing tips produce lower drag than rectangular wing tips. A wing tip (or wingtip) is the part of the wing that is most distant from the fuselage of a fixed-wing aircraft. It also has a molded rib design into the profile that helps reduce drag. Comes with hardware to mount onto the trunk. Outfit your Fox Body with a popular spoilers for your coupe, convertible, or hatchback like the Cobra, Saleen, or 93 Cobra style APR Performance Celebrates 20 Years. 00 ea-PIPER TYPE WING STRUT ATTACH FITTINGS. Adjusting the angle of attack of the wing is done via a series of holes for the front two bolts which creates less drag than a turnbuckle adjuster. It is going to be able to be up at 52 deg, and lay down at 31 deg. › See more product details Dragster wings This is all the tooling required, On right four skin molds, in the middle the small white molds are for side mounting tabs for the small element, four ribs behind them, the long wood rails are sheer spar molds, the aluminum tubes are jigs for the rib bonding placement and the box on left is a jig for bonding of the small element The ribs form the wing and determine the aerodynamic shape and thus its performance in terms of lift and drag. Maston Fabrication Toyota Supra Aluminum Drag Wing The Mas-Fab drag wing is constructed of a high quality 5052 aluminum all precision laser cut. This Universal Aluminum Single Rear GT Wing Spoiler is used in stabilizing the vehicle at its high speed. Check out some of Carl's Aluminum Wings Carl's Aluminum Works offers aluminum wings, which can be installed by me or ordered to ship direct to you, for your own install. Scott Rod Fabrications Custom Aluminum Panels for S10 (82-04) The SRF custom fit panels are made on an actual car to ensure exact measurements and a great fit. 3d cad designed, cnc cut, & cnc formed from 16 ga. $400. These wings are made from . Asking $235 shipped. 540 Cubic Inch Chevrolet with 1050 Dominators from C& J Engineering. 5, folding wing for low induced drag and three folding tail fins for less profile drag. This thickness provides plenty of strength without unnecessary weight. (Right)Here is the initial bent aluminum over the brass rod. Gull 2000 has an aluminum wing as well (Part 103) though unsure if it has stamped ribs or truss style. Racecar Wings For The Masses. The Airush Core Foil features our high stability, low drag wing design, on a. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Re: Fox Body Aluminum Spoilers nuclearcobra on May 10th 2011, 7:46 am Southern Outlaw Shops makes the cleanest looking one imo, i never cared for the cookie cutter look or the struts/bars look on them. Ultra-Carbon customer Frank Yee has taken a set of our Stock-Style ’99-’04 Mustang Doors to another level! According to Frank, “the speakers, mirrors, windows, window motors, factory door latches, power locks, door panels, weather trim, etc. The typical internet ";collective wisdom" is shockingly stupid about this. The Drag Style wing utilizes a low profile design which enables it to maintain a high level of drag reduction. The drag wires are made from 3/16" 2024-T3 aluminum rod. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. We also can do custom widths and configurations for whatever you are doing. 15Inch Aluminum spoiler wing can help with the aerodynamics of a car by lowering drag, or helping on putting more downforce on the car, maximizing its contact with the ground for maximum traction and grip to increase stability. 125 thick 3000 series aluminum braces *. Mallen Alley makes the most succesful line of Carbon Fiber wings in club racing. 5” wide rear foam tires, adjustable aluminum engine mounts, fuel tank with rear mount, throttle servo mount, linkage and brake strap, 32 pitch axle gear, stainless steel solid rear axle, nylon adjustable body mounts, and lexan body with protective film, window masks, and wing when The Drag Style wing utilizes a low profile design which enables it to maintain a high level of drag reduction. Combining this with the total airplane drag of 0. Guaranteed lowest price! Spectre Aluminum Front & Rear Spoilers · loading. OnStang is made with . Figure 16 shows a removable wing tip for a large aircraft wing. 12. Others are different. The factory Camaro spoiler will still reside on the car, as the Racecraft unit will be partially mounted to it. This 53. OnStat OnStang Pro Mod. Here is an unusual surplus item that will be of interest to windmill builders, modelers, hydrofoil experimenters and researchers in general. Guaranteed lowest price! Find Wings and Rear Spoilers with Aluminum Wing Material and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Rear Wing, Drag-Style, Aluminum, Natural Find Wings and Rear Spoilers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Rear Wing, Drag-Style, Aluminum, Natural, Adjustable, 57. The Wáng only  From that, they were converted to aluminum extrusion for a budget alternative. 0, the frictional heating of the airframe is low enough that light weight aluminum is used for the structure. Moroso 78740 Rear Wing Drag-style Aluminum Adjustable 57. Airplane wing  Our Price: $39. I will use Junker style ailerons and ungapped hinged simple flaps. 68-74 Nova new style2 68-74 Nova new style2 70-74 Cuda Pro4 70-74 Cuda Pro4 Monza New Pro 1 Monza New Pro 1 Billy Dove 63 Dart 1 Billy Dove 63 Dart The Drag Style wing utilizes a low profile design which enables it to maintain a high level of drag reduction. New, Used and OEM Automotive Parts - Large Inventory - Great Prices Moroso Rear Wing Drag-style Aluminum Adjustable 57. The fuselage skins, whose shape is maintained by formed aluminum bulkheads, provide torsional and bending strength. Spoilers (Drag Race) Will adding a spoiler help my car? Generally cars running over 150 mph in the 1/4-, or over 100 mph in the 1/8 mile can benefit from adding a drag-race rear spoiler. Light weight and durable, Improve your exterior style. Aerodynamically designed streamlined side panels with complementing & matching drip rail contours. at what point is a drag spoiler really necessary? a certain speed i'm assuming, as most spoilers are to plant the rearend at a high speed. And of course, 31 deg for you drag guys. For more information about Shifter Covers, go to the "Interior Components The stylish new TMPP Pro Wing Kit is designed to fit STOCK bodied ’67-68 Camaro's and gives racers greater ability to control down force on the track. Drag Wings. 74 Nova Lumina 67 Camaro 69 Camaro 67 Nova 74 Vega 75 Vega. Fully vents most stock Porsche intercoolers. 3 sets of holes, 2 degrees apart. PCI’s Race Spec Side Skirts have been proven to be highly effective when used in combination of other aero parts like front splitters, undertrays, wings, rear diffusers. The Meyers™ 200D is constructed of aluminum over a steel framework. 00 ea-DRAG/ANTI DRAG WIRES. Changing to a different wing. DRS Machined Drag Fronts are a simple clean looking front wheel for drag racing. $35. Provides downforce to rear wheels for improved high speed  Whether you are looking for a pre-fit aluminum wing kit for a '68 Camaro, Nova and Here you will find Professional Drag Racing Wing Kits, Wing Mounting Kits ,  A wing tip (or wingtip) is the part of the wing that is most distant from the fuselage of a fixed-wing aircraft. For Mach numbers less than 2. They want their own identity. Custom Aluminum Interiors at an affordable price. 9 Jul 2018 How do we know if the wing we put on our car or the air dam we spent a You can make downforce without adding much drag, and in some cases, even Ideally, your splitter should have an aluminum or steel frame that  24 Feb 2009 those small drag-reducing attachments at the tip of a plane's wing SMAs, which are made with some combination of aluminum, nickel,  I can make something to wing nut to the lower half of the front bumper . Enter your email address for special offers from CCC RACING MASTON FABRICATION EVO DRAG WING (ALUMINUM) Introduced to you for something not quite as pricey as the Carbon fiber version but just as useful. Most have a 4" section on the deck lid (for mounting purposes) and extend 11" rearward. I'm considering attempting to bend some 1 inch aluminum angle stock to follow the shape of the top of the rear trunk edge between the wing supports to act as a short deck lid spoiler to add some downforce with very little added drag. Length Drag Racing Wings/Spoiler. You can use the top and bottom sections to mount buttons! Since these wheels are aluminum, you can have your choice of colors - red, black, blue or natural. Body has 12 inch wheel base, super narrow, highly detailed, features pro mod style hood scoop, raised rear wing deck excellent for mounting side dams. Adding a Mustang wing or Mustang spoiler is a great way to improve looks, performance, and value! Late Model Restoration carries a huge selection of spoilers for your Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197 and S550 Mustang. I specialize in one-of-a-kind handcrafted aluminum interiors, but BWRC can do all aspects of racecar and custom fabrication. Once the 8-32 screws that go through the cabin and into the wing root are tightened there should actually be no flight load on the aluminum rod or the brass tubes. The inside profile allows a 1” square material to be inserted inside the profile to secure it. The drag coefficient of any object comprises the effects of the two basic contributors to fluid dynamic drag: skin friction and form drag. Available range: -5 to +15. It's all there just to make assembly easy. edge ahead of the wing test section. are all mounted OEM and everything works!” Drag System. 00 – $ 650. Our Price: $104. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership, plus free everyday tech support on aftermarket Drag Specialties 2015 Honda Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM GL1800HPNM Handlebars & Controls & motorcycle parts. Throughout the month of July we will be […] JrDragsterParts. S&W Race Cars: USA race car chassis builder, racing components & high performance auto parts manufacturer - Since 1959 Best 99+ Mustang Aluminum Rear Wing, images posted by Marliese Hess, on June 08, 2017, Pro Stock Wings, Race Car Aluminum Wings, Aluminum Drag Racing Wings, Race Car Spoiler, Drag Car Wing Kits, Mia Aluminum Wing, Aluminum Rear Spoiler, Pro Drag Wings, Mustang RTR, 68 Mustang Spoiler, Mustang Louvers, Drag Racing Wing Kits, 2014 Mustang Spoiler, 2014 Mustang Rear Spoiler, Roush Mustang Lower ground effects lip on body is above bottom edge of the frame so you will not drag or tear the body if you drag the bottom frame rail. Our Mustang inner fender panels are an extremely cost effective alternative to welding up all of those unsightly underhood holes. To be blunt, most people putting body kits on consumer automobiles are scientifically-illiterate and have no idea what they're doing. This will not only serve to aid in rear downforce but is also designed to improve the supra's aerodynamics. March 24, 2015: I used Southern Adventist University's CNC router in the School of Visual Art and Design to cut the 43012 airfoil ribs. Spoilers. The industry standard indexed scarf front wing connection has been retained so that existing and future wing designs are interchangeable. MTM Scientific, Inc Aluminum Airfoil Extrusion. Wing for drag race applications only where high downforce is needed. Shop the industry's largest selection of Wings & Spoilers at Jegs. The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of aluminum rear wing respectively. ,Hardened shaft, SS impeller, ride plate, Place Diverter. We have profiles that meet SCCA rules for the STL, STU, GTL, GT3, GT2 and GT1 classes. These are anodized wings that come in polished, matt black, brushed and baked enamel black and they are $408. is able to support the above-mentioned moments, making single wing aircraft possible. It is considered a high down force/low drag wing. Since thease types of spoilers reduce the drag(instead of increasing it) by  Six louver grill with aluminum screen. If you don't see the vehicle you are looking for, choose "Additional Comments" and then specify the year, make, model and anything special about the vehicle (hood scoop, spoiler\wing, etc FRP URA Drag Spoiler Wing 3dr Hatch For Nissan 240SX 89-94 ModeloDrive. Shop Parts Online Now! Shop Now . Universal Wings. This is similar to how the neutral gear works in gear shafts in a car. The other option is to skin it with aluminum, like my last wing. Large rear high traction white letter belted drag racing tires with medium compound foams. If you are interested in a premium quality product, then you are in the right place. These are available as strutless and with adjustable struts. 250" Pinion Block. There are 320 aluminum rear wing suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The Drag Style airfoils are available in dry carbon fiber and aluminum. WARRANTY INFORMATION Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act: Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part being installed unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U. Made of . Wynn Racing EG Civic Hatch 3 piece drag wing. Six way adjustable wing. 063 thick main body *3/8 inch wicker bill *all stainless hardware *Bolt on/Rivet on Design *open trunk or hatch with out removing wing struts. The design uses a triangular cross section fuselage, for low profile drag and reduced weight, a very high aspect ratio, such as 22. No refund after ordering. The forward wing box is an extension of the basic wing that aerodynamically blends the wing leading edge into the midfuselage wing glove. More Photos. Davis in 1937. Join the Eagle Slot Car Newsletter Email address. as an 'active' rear wing – to provide the appropriate amount of downforce or drag,  Aluminum is used for the wing and tail leading edges; titanium is used mainly on thus decreasing the amount of lift-induced drag experienced by the aircraft. We've just added a wing and mount package for the 2016 and up Camaro. Located in Riviera Beach, FL. A – Rear Plate $175. So, swapping a section of aluminum or carbon fiber skin on the wing for a section of Plexiglas or silicate glass under which you place the solar cells will, all other things being equal, have a negligible effect on drag. CarlyleRacing C6 Drag Wing for C6 narrow and wide body cars… Allows for additional down force and stability at high speeds. BASE MODEL COMES IN BARE METAL, PARTS IS MADE FROM 1/8" ALUMINUM AND USES ALL STAINLESS STEEL  Initial validation of the reduction in drag and fuel savings was done using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and showed that the opportunity at the gap . KastKing Bassinator Elite Baitcasting Reels, Palm Perfect Baitcaster Fishing Reel, Aluminum Frame, 10+1 Double Shielded SS BB, Centrifugal Brakes, 17. 1. 85%. Advanced Fibre-Glas Concepts roadster bodies have removable passenger side tonneau covers and Spoilers. It, likewise, remains the metal of choice for commercial airlines and military aircraft. Stock # 107588 Call 800-978-7223 For Complete Build Sheet; Aluminum Frame; 34' Millennium Auto Master with Full Bathroom AOA PRO SYSTEM ALUMINUM WING WITH A & B KIT Our AOA instruments help do all these things and more. Aluminum fabricated airfoils (wings), side and bulkhead panels plus stressed floor pans and gauge mounting panels are just some of the items associated with racing vehicles, that we have supplied for our customers. The drag system prevents the line from breaking when a fish pulls too hard on it. Someone approached me and asked me to make them a adj aluminum ELW style rear wing-spoiler. -- Resistance to twist and drag forces (same as a conventional AL wing). This RTR Rear Wing Spoiler is the perfect appearance upgrade for all 2010 to 2014 Mustangs, including the V6, GT, Boss and Shelby GT500 models. We are hands on with racers and have built some of the most exciting cars in the drag racing scene in recent years. PRO CAR INNOVATIONS ALUMINUM RACE SPEC SIDE SKIRTS Pro Car Innovations Race Spec Side Skirts are a must for those looking to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of their car. aluminum. It’s fine tuned with suggestions from our team drivers, built tough with machined aluminum and carbon graphite parts, highly adjustable for all sus The standard jack plate includes a choice of the 6-7 1/2″, 7-8 1/2″, 8-9 1/2 “or F-1 racing (F-1 mid-section) to suit your special set-up needs. The drag coefficients for some common bodies are indicated By utilizing a swan neck mounting style, we were able to keep efficiency up by feeding the wing clean airflow, unlike typical bottom mount rear wings. Drag Racing Parts - Chassis, Latches & Mounts Wings and Hardware Adjustable Rear Wing Adjustable All start at 60" wide and are made of sturdy . Sheet metal from the leader in race color innovations with our full-line of painted aluminum sheet! • 4' x 10' aluminum sheet metal • Thickness: . Tunersdepot APR® Adjustable Spoiler Wing (CARBON) - GTC Drag (Universal) AS-105957, Our Price:$784. This will not only serve to aid in rear downforce but is also designed to improve your Toyota Supra's aerodynamics. Chassisworks has tin kits that give you everything you need to go from the front firewall to the rear bumper. One reason for this is the vulnerability of the wing tips to damage, especially during ground handling and taxiing. 00 each, they're a great buy! 21-23-September, 2018, Madison, Illinois USA. I’ve scoured the interwebs and have come up empty save for a couple that not color matched and have some decent dings/scratches. Aluminum is the most common material from which to construct wings, but they can be wood  Jason Park is an old school import drag racer, competing at events since the turn of the He then developed a 5-gallon aluminum fuel cell that replaced the stock fuel tank. 050-inch-thick aluminum for the flat  Products 1 - 15 of 15 MUSTANG WINGS. I've just got to let it dry, then clean it up and skin it somehow. High quality C. CCC Racing LLC, located in Upstate NY was founded in 2009. drag car new s w rear wing mustang fox body race 0 results. Door Slammer Wing Basics include wing sizing, spill plates, and wicker bill. Dragster Wings Kits starting at $350. 71 Camaro. All drive gears are for a 3/32 axle and are 64 pitch. Eliptical Rear and Front Tubes Wing Kit with Carbon Fiber Wing Foil Miller Race Cars Standard Wing $1275. The use of this airfoil on the Mustang would greatly add to the drag reducing concept that was paramount in all design phases of the airplane. 050" 3003-H 14 Aluminum sheet. 2006 wicked gull wing Immaculate!18 Ft 3 Inches. 92-95 Eg Aluminum Civic Hatch Drag Wing. Airfoils also experience a drag force that acts in the opposing direction of the moving airfoil in the horizontal plane. The elimination of the struts and wires so dramatically reduced air drag that aircraft were able to fly twice as fast as before with the same engine. Includes Pro Series Wing Support Kit #RJ-209202PS. Stainless steel mounting hardware. View Rear Wing aluminum end plates . Approximatey inches long not including spill plates approximately with spill plates under tab mounting width is 6 inchs on the outside of the tabs wing is built using cnced aluminum wing spars, uses one pair of our non tab and one pair of our tabbed nostalgia wing spars wing spars Team Z offers a replacement aluminum wing clevis for our outlaw style wings. Davis, the Consolidated Aircraft Company was looking for a marketing trick to make their new aircraft stand out from the competition; a unique low-drag wing was just the ticket. 00 Miller Race Cars CNC'd Billet Aluminum Mono Strut Wing Kit with Aluminum Foil This is a fully functioning drag wing that will shave time off at the track and look HARDCORE on the street. *. Depending on where ρ is the air density, ν is the flow velocity, A is the span area of the wing also known as the planform area, and C L is the lift coefficient. Big Wig Race Cars is my hobby and part time business of building race cars, hot rods, and street rods. obtained a box wing, a wing with winglets, a C-wing, and a wing with raked wingtips, depending on the design formulation, whether structures was considered, and which types of drag were included in their drag model. No Comments; 0; 0. Single place cockpit; Racing bucket seat; Front Aluminum Frame w/Full Bathroom 2020 34' Millennium w/Wing & Spread Axles LOADED w/Options. The drag is a result of the tangential stress (frictional drag) and the Try not to pull the wing out of square when you tighten them. Long stream-lined body, 0. - Pro Modified #015 body - Resin Parachute and front body post molded with body. Available in a. 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Rear Spoilers & Wings. See Our Aluminum Wing In Stock Now. By sbmoore22 May 1, 2018. The method of covering a wing after the spars and the ribs are on and the drag bracing is in place is to put a long slip of the cloth over the wing. MIA Wings is your online source for aluminum wings for 1979-1993 Mustangs and 1993-2002 Camaros. The clevis mount to the wing with 10/32 hardware and accept our 10/32 hiems that  MMR Carbon Fiber Wing kit for 2015-2020 Mustang (ALL) Kit comes complete with adjustable Mounting hardware/struts, Gel coated carbon fiber wing, carbon  67-68 Camaro Aluminum Pro Wing for sale in Hawk Point, MO, Price: $549. 55% gives the possible total drag reduction, 0. 14" strut-less wing for Fox Body Coupe or Hatch Mustangs. Constructed from light weight aluminum for weight savings, this RTR rear spoiler is completed in a black powder coated finish for impressive styling. Plus, we have true hold and weld rollcage kits. Today we manufacture mainly suspension components for late model Mustangs & Camaros. 15'' 135cm Adjustable Lightweight Aluminum Universals Tuning Rear Car Sedan GT Wing Racing Spoiler Black Clamp Trunk Cover Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. 210-012. They are cut, formed, fitted, and drilled for countersunk rivets prior to being shipped to you. Also includes supplement drawing to change from wood wing drawings contained in the original drawing set. We will Weld, CNC and Turbo Plumb your drag racing & high performance car. The engineering in these wings is evident. Scott Rod Fabrications Custom Aluminum Panels for Fox Body 79-93 Mustang The SRF custom fit panels are made on an actual car to ensure exact measurements and a great fit. Includes Pro Whether you are looking for a pre-fit aluminum wing kit for a '68 Camaro, Nova and several other body styles, or a full out lightweight carbon fiber wing for your Pro Mod, we have everything you need for a clean and professional installation. Deck lid spoilers can be beneficial in three ways: They can reduce lift, generate downforce and reduce drag. Aerosmoothness, or excrr rdesign of the fit and fair of rrough better seals With RLR's Drag Wing / Rear Spoiler your Volkswagen can have that “Go Fast” look that has made so many RLR built cars famous. Part # oc-onstang1 . This is because the airflow efficiency under the wing is very poor. 00, Free US Shipping Though aluminum spoilers had been a A WIND-TUNNEL INVESTIGATION OF JET-WAKE EFFECT OF A HIGH-BYPASS ENGINE ON WING-NACELLE INTERFERENCE DRAG OF A SUBSONIC TRANSPORT By James C. (Left)Using the kit part we slightly scribe in the rear edge of the wing onto the aluminum one. Wing torsional and drag loads are carried by the wing skins and rear spar. com offers 289 aluminum racing wing products. 302-485. tubing and sheet steel. This is how our Z28 looked from behind, prior to our Racecraft Strutless Wing install. One of the simplest modification on the exterior of a vehicle, which gives it a completely different sports look, is the rear trunk spoilers/ wings. Skinny Kid Race Cars attention to detail is what makes us stand out from the rest. Because the wing tip shape influences the size and drag of the wingtip vortices, tip design has produced a diversity of shapes, including: Squared-off; Aluminium tube bow; Rounded; Hoerner style · Winglets  full-aluminum-bolt-on-drag-DRiFT-RACE-WING-for-Mitsubishi-evolution-evo-1-3. We carry a large selection of pinion gears that work with these gears and they can be found in the 64 pitch pinion gears category. Price is per 1, use drop down menu to select quantity. For example, the Fly Baby needed up trim to counter the drag couple of the low wing and undercarriage. We sell drag racing parts and offer Dyno tuning, engine assembly. Search. Moroso 78740 rear wing drag style aluminum adjustable 5700 length universal see more like this results matching fewer words universal hatch adjustable aluminum gt rear trunk wing racing spoiler b 13 e2. com Cheap racing spoilers, Buy Quality gt wing directly from China black spoiler Suppliers: 53. Lifting the boat reduces the wetted surface, thereby reducing drag, increasing fuel efficiency, speed, and range. **Make a statement with your 22 inch Drag Life Large Icons Series Decal** When placing your order, choose the vehicle you want from the drop down menu. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analyses were performed on these wings to support validation of their aerodynamic design. Langley Research Center Building the Fokker D. Tim McAmis details the basics of a door slammer drag racing wing. Buy Areyourshop Universal Hatch Adjustable Aluminum GT Rear Trunk Wing Racing Spoiler at Walmart. Racing style adjustable double deck rear wing spoiler for max driving performance. Trained Technicians Your car is designed built and assembled by a well trained staff here at Race Tech. I think you'd have less waste that way, but maybe there's a way to cut them to reduce the waste. The drag coefficient of an object in a moving fluid influence drag force. D&E Aircraft - Parts, Wings, Ribs and other Aircraft Accessories Complete Aluminum Rib Sets of . The main uprights are 6061 aluminum solid units for strength and low drag. Ron Lummus Racing (RLR) Rear VW GHIA Drag Wing Kit (Rear Spoiler) is the standard by which all rear wings are measured! All parts are CNC laser cut and bent on a CNC brake from 16ga 5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet. How It Works. Mustang Fiberglass hoods, Mustang Hoods, Mustang Custom Hoods, Lift off hood, Black Widow Hood, Shelby Hood, Cowl Hood, Mach 1 Hood, Saleen Hood, Ford Mustang Hoods, Mustang Body Kits, Mustang Ground Effect Kits, Mustang Accessories, Mustang Wings, F-150 and Dodge RAM after market auto parts manufacturer Expert by ABC Exclusive. All of us here at APR Performance are happy to celebrate our 20th year in the Automotive Industry. Sedan wings are made from . - Body post screw All Drag gears in this category are specially designed for drag racing applications. or so i figure. Team Z Replacement Strut Plate Wing for drag race applications only where high downforce is needed. Aluminum rear wing products are most popular in Mid East, North America, and Western Europe. Part Number: 78740. 8 Item(s) Show per page . Berkeley Pump By MPD. Mounting Thicker and/or more highly cambered shapes generally generatemore downforce, but also more drag. 0 . View Details. The wing tip is often a removable unit, bolted to the outboard end of the wing panel. After verifying the low-drag performance of the Fluid Foil, Consolidated licensed the airfoil patent from Mr. Many authors have developed techniques for sizing either isotropic or composite wing-box structures for strength, Pro street or racing wing for the Chevy Vega 71-77. In VERY good shape, was on car for about 1 year. (614) 407-6872 . Piper Type Wing Fitting Spacer (3' lenght) $30. 5 to 1 ,Aluminum Heads. 3%. Customer Gallery. Featured 1968-1972 Nova Wing $ 485. Made in the USA with CNC laser cut 16 gauge aluminum. 0 / 5. The clevis mount to the wing with 10/32 hardware and accept our 10/32 hiems that are also available on our site. 77 Vega. Tested to over 228MPH on our   Team Z offers a replacement aluminum wing clevis for our outlaw style wings. Designed for street , road race and drag race use. Wind Tunnel Test of Gurney Flaps and T-Strips on an NACA 23012 Wing Michael A. 00 in. The few applications of this foil, prior to this time, had been If you havent yet seen the rib structure on the Hummel Ultracruiser they do a real nice job in keeping the weight down for a Part 103 all aluminum wing. 6 Lb Carbon Drag, Swing Wing Design Pro Car Innovations wing mounts are designed to meet the demands required for racing use. DEL SOL ALUMINUM DRAG WING. Freespool. They want to be different. 64 Nova. SKRC can build a car for whatever series you run, anything from a chassis to a complete turn-key car. aluminum drag wing

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